Antique Watch Parts Sculptures by Sue Beatrice

Sue Beatrice


Collaborate with Sue Beatrice in a horological journey, to create a gift of timeless elegance.

Sue transforms your idea into a unique world within an antique pocket watch case, creating a gift that deeply resonates.

She skillfully captures vast scenes within a pocket watch, leaving one in awe of her magic.

  • Unparalleled Luxury: Experience Sue's unique and exquisite craftsmanship and design.
  • Exclusivity at its Best: No two sculptures are ever the same, ensuring your gift is truly unique.
  • Created with Passion: Every design is a testament to the time and artistry invested.
  • Perfect for Momentous Occasions: Celebrate with a gift that’s as special as the moment.

Sue Beatrice's sculptures are more than just gifts—they are heirlooms.

Turn your dream into reality; contact Sue today!

Please Note: Sue Beatrice's Custom Watch Parts Sculptures start at $1199.00 USD plus shipping.

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Previous Commissions.

The sculptures below are past commissions and are no longer available for purchase.
However, they might inspire an idea for your own unique watch parts sculpture!
Let your imagination run wild!

William Shakespeare

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Sue can capture any special person in your life within her exquisite watch parts creations.

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Edgar Allan Poe

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Interior Scenes

Commission Sue to create a scene of your cherished sanctuary within an antique watch case. The haven where you seek tranquility, rejuvenation, and insight. Every glance at this exquisite artwork, tailored just for you, will transport you to that serene space.

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Chemistry Lab

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Exterior Scenes

Capture your favorite trip, from serene lakes to bustling streets, in an antique watch case. A perfect anniversary gift!

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A Special Bond

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Pet Portraits

Transform a photo of your beloved pet into a timeless watch parts sculpture. Each detailed sculpture offers a heartwarming reminder of their loyalty and love, making every day a little brighter. Carry their spirit with you, immortalized in timeless artistry.

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Harley Davidson

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Bikes, Trucks and Cars

Their cherished bike, car, or truck isn't just a vehicle, it's a passion. Let Sue create it in antique watch parts for them to relive those open road adventures, even whilst sitting in the office.

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Springer Harley

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Carousel Horse

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Freestanding Watch Parts Sculptures

Sue has the astounding ability to breathe life into her freestanding animal sculptures, created only from antique pocket watch parts. Whether it's bunnies, dogs, or sea creatures, each piece captures lifelike nuance. Commission Sue for your unique keepsake today.

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Articulated Cat and Mouse

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