Infinite Imagination: The World Through the eyes of Sue Beatrice.

In a world brimming with art, Sue Beatrice's vision stands unparalleled. With an art career spanning over four decades, her journey began at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She further refined her artistry at The Franklin Mint, a stepping stone that opened doors to collaborations with industry titans - from Disney and Dreamworks to Waterford Crystal and Jim Henson Corporation along with many others.

While her talent spilled across illustrations and canvas art, sculpting held her heart captive. Whether molding clay, metal, wax, or even ephemeral materials like cake and pumpkin, Sue's creations ranged from intricate micro miniatures to awe-inspiring monumental pieces.

"All Natural Arts" became Sue's signature. Here, she intertwined the antique charm of pocket watches with themes of nature and history. These bespoke sculptures became sought-after masterpieces, reserved for galleries and elite collectors.

Yet, Sue's heart echoed with a desire to reach every art lover. Realizing her steampunk pocket watch sculptures might be a dream too distant for many, she innovated. Introducing sterling silver and bronze replicas, she ventured into jewelry design, crafting exquisite pendants and necklaces that resonated with her fans, marking her footprint as a unique jewelry designer.

Sue is a chameleon, her adaptability is limitless. Collaborating with Andy Gertler, she creates life sized animal pumpkin displays at the Bronx Zoo every Halloween season. They also sand sculpt internationally, pasta creations, animatronic figures, and cardboard sculpture. Sue effortlessly transitions between materials, mastering each as though she's been familiar with it for a lifetime.

She's also teamed up with Villafane Studios, Sue sculpted record-breaking pumpkins, earning accolades at venues from the New York Botanical Gardens and Hong Kong's Ocean Park to Ripley's Believe it or Not. Her animal and mythical renditions breathed life into every festival and event.

The world couldn't help but notice. Sue's brilliance sparkled on TV, with features on "Halloween Wars", "The Rachael Ray Show", and "Carvers" on the SyFy Channel. In every endeavor, Sue Beatrice's infinite imagination painted the world in hues of wonder.

Sand Sculpture

Pasta Sculpture

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Snow Sculpture

Cake and Modeling Chocolate

This cake was created by Sue Beatrice of All Natural Arts and Benny Revira of City Cakes for an MTV party.

Cake and Modeling Chocolate

This cake was created by Sue Beatrice of All Natural Arts and Benny Revira of City Cakes.

Cake and Modeling Chocolate

Created by Sue Beatrice and Andy Gertler of All Natural Arts with Benny Revira and his amazing City Cakes team.

Guinness World Record

The largest marshmallow mosaic. Times Square NYC 2013.

Ice Sculpture

Andy Gertler of All Natural Arts and Sergey Tselobrovskiy (Moscow) received the Bronze Medal at the World Ice Arts Championships in 2009 for their sculpture Moonlight Sonata.

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Cardboard Sculpture